[xmonad] Fixed width for Tall

Daniel Schoepe asgaroth_ at gmx.de
Fri Jan 16 10:57:56 EST 2009

Dominik Bruhn wrote:
> Hy,
> can I put the master-column of the Tall-Layout to a fixed width spoken in pixels
> or another fixed unit and not a percentage? I want this column to be 80 chars
> wide no matter how wide the screen is. Is this possible?
> Thanks 

For a single screen or a screen setup with a constant width you could determine 
the width of the screen and calculate the percentage:
withWindowSet $ return . rect_width . screenRect . W.screenDetail . W.current
should give you the screen width as a X Dimension.
This can't handle non-constant screen width(e.g. xinerama setups) though. 
(Implementing such behaviour as a layout modifier should work.)

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