[xmonad] Issue 189 in xmonad: MultiToggle to Full and tabbed layout makes X crusn

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Mon Jan 12 05:36:34 EST 2009

Comment #2 on issue 189 by fr4nk.is.a.geek: MultiToggle to Full and tabbed  
layout makes X crusn

I can reproduce this bug with the following LayoutHook:

myLayoutHook =
	mkToggle (single REFLECTX) $
	avoidStruts (resizableTiled ||| threeCol ||| Mirror resizableTiled |||  
Full ||| simpleTabbed)
			resizableTiled = ResizableTall 1 delta initialProportions []
			threeCol = ThreeCol 1 delta initialProportions
                         delta = (3%100)
                         initialProportions = (1%2)

XMonad crashes during workspace switch from ResizableTall to ThreeCol.
It works if the mkToggle-line is commented out or if the tabbed layout is  

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