[xmonad] Re: Changing focus with alt-tab as in Windows

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Mon Jan 5 23:41:07 EST 2009

Alex Samokhvalov <xmonad at rz2013.a7d.de>
> For example, a workspace contains 5 windows: A,B,C,D,E. The first
> window in the list is selected, in this case - A. Then as in the
> following scenario:
> - alt button down:
>   * pressing the tab results in the following window order: B,A,C,D,E
>     (whereby B is focused)
>   * tab pressed again -> C,A,B,D,E
> - alt button up -> "commit" C,A,B,D,E
> - alt button down
>   * tab pressed -> A,C,B,D,E
>   * tab pressed -> B,C,A,D,E
>   * tab pressed -> D,C,A,B,E
> - alt button up -> "commit" D,C,A,B,E
> I find such behavior convenient because usually you work with only a
> couple of windows. All others are just for logging, reporting, etc.

This is not an easy behaviour to emulate in xmonad, since we don't keep
track of the order in which we have focused various windows: we normally
only know what the currently focused window is.

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