[xmonad] Toggle Magnification

wirtwolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 14:46:18 EST 2009

aditya siram wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to maximize my focused window. There are three modules in 
> the Xmonad-contrib library : XMonad.Layout.Magnifier, 
> XMonad.Layout.Maximize, XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle. They all appear to 
> implement maximizing.
> Any recommendations?
> -deech
Maximize should probably be renamed or combined with Magnifier, since it 
is written to leave a 50 px border around the "maximized" window. 
Neither of these produces the Full layout that most users are looking 
for in asking for maximize layout. MultiToggle is a great way to do 
this, but iirc has issues with certain layouts, (tabbed or decorated I 
think? -- perhaps someone more knowledgable can confirm or deny). For 
toggling only a single layout Layout.ToggleLayouts is probably best. It 
will let you e.g. bind a key to toggle to and from Full.

Another option is LayoutCombinators module, which has a different (|||) 
to use instead of the default XMonad (|||) this acts a little like 
multi-toggle, in that you can bind keys to toggle to/from more than one 
layout. I don't know if it has any issues with decorated layouts, and is 
a little more complicated to set up. Overall... ToggleLayouts if all you 
want it toggle to/from some variant of Full layout.


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