Cabal Question, was: Re: [xmonad] New Layout: ThreeColumnsMiddle

Roman Cheplyaka roma at
Fri Jan 2 09:02:02 EST 2009

* Dominik Bruhn <dominik at> [2009-01-02 14:27:16+0100]
> Hy,
> a question to somebody with cabal-knowledge: Wich files should be added to the
> cabal-file? Is a new layout like this supposed to be added to the file? If yes
> this is missing in the patch.
> Thanks for anyone who can tell me the rule.

That's right -- the module (not file) should be added to cabal-file,
otherwise you won't be able to use that module from your xmonad.hs.

Roman I. Cheplyaka (aka Feuerbach @ IRC)

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