[xmonad] Issue 279 in xmonad: Some GTK2 apps crash X when XMonad's stderr is not redirected to /dev/null

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Thu Feb 26 13:24:42 EST 2009

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New issue 279 by seschwar: Some GTK2 apps crash X when XMonad's stderr is  
not redirected to /dev/null

I usually like to start X form the console in the background an then
logout. I do it like this:
- Using zsh's builtins: startx &!; exit
- Or using another shell and detach [1]: detach startx; exit

Then the following actions will crash the whole X server:
- Save and overwrite an already existing file with Firefox
- Execute "Verify versions and deprecations" in Glade's preference dialog

I can get my programs to behave normal again by appending "2>
/dev/null" to the "exec xmonad" line in my ~/.xinitrc.

I have no idea what's going on.  The problem doesn't appear when
i just have "exec xterm" in my ~/.xinitrc.  Also it doesn't matter
whether I use a log hook or not.

I am using XMonad and XMonad-contrib from hackage and the following
packages on Arch Linux:
detach 0.2.0-1
firefox 3.0.6-1
glade 3.5.4-1
ghc 6.10.1-2
gtk2 2.14.7-1
xmonad 0.8.1
xmonad-contrib 0.8.1
zsh 4.3.9-1

[1] http://detach.sourceforge.net/

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