[xmonad] Issue 277 in xmonad: Red border on two windows

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Tue Feb 24 19:52:50 EST 2009

Comment #5 on issue 277 by wirtwolff: Red border on two windows

Can confirm intrepid (ubuntu 8.10) does install xmonad-0.8 rather than  
0.8.1, however
those differences only apply to x86_64 ghc-6.10 users, and intrepid's on  
6.8.2. Still
can't reproduce this here.

Dist upgraded ubuntu box to intrepid. Tried with clean install of xmonad  
only: Could not reproduce using either the XMonad gdm session or .xsession  
method of
replacing metacity. Ensured default installed binary was used. I.e. had no  
much less xmonad.hs (also no xmonad.conf xmonad-light config.)

Then installed libghc6-xmonad and libghc6-xmonad-contrib and tried with no  
with default xmonad.hs, and with a basic Config.Gnome xmonad.hs similar to  
attached xmonad.hs, but borders behaved normally with these, too.

Yes, don't see how the xmonad.hs has anything to do with this, would have  
to set both
focused and unfocusedBorderColor red to get this effect by normal means.  
All the
explanations I can think of are pretty bizarre.

Explicitly setting the border colors should work regardless. If even that  
work and the xmonad.hs is truly getting recompiled, (check with 'xmonad  
in terminal if any doubt), then I guess maybe time to look at bizarre ideas.

     , focusedBorderColor = "green3"
     , normalBorderColor  = "gray10"

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