[xmonad] darcs patch: new layout - OneBig

portnov portnov84 at rambler.ru
Sat Feb 21 01:22:17 EST 2009

On 21 февраля 2009 02:26:52 Adam Vogt wrote:
> Perhaps this layout could be generalized: give the master that fixed space,
> and lay out the others acoording to two layouts (Grid by default ?)?
Hmm. It seems to me, that there will be too small space at right and at bottom 
of master window to run such layouts as Grid. Then, any layout runs in a 
rectangle, but here we have complex-shaped area... May be, this layout should 
include special logic for, say, (given width) <= 1/2 ?..

> Another suggestion would be to add pureMessage to handle the Expand and
> Shrink messages so that the master can be resized (changing the supplied
> ratios)
This is good suggestion, I think. I'll try to add such logic in my layout.

WBR, Portnov.

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