[xmonad] sending window to invisible workspace?

lowly coder lowlycoder at huoyanjinjing.com
Tue Feb 17 15:25:55 EST 2009

I have the following in xmonad.hs:

myWorkspaces    = ["0", "1", "2"]


         [((m .|. mod4Mask, key), screenWorkspace sc >>= flip whenJust
(windows . f))
              | (key, sc) <- zip [xK_y, xK_u, xK_i]
         , (f, m) <- [(W.shift, 0), (W.shift, shiftMask)]]

now, I'm also using screenLayout, giving me two 'workspaces' on a single

mod4-y & mod4-u work when I have two workspcaes visible, but mod4-i does not

when I only have one workspace visbile, mod4-u and mod4-i both do not work

is there some rule saying "you can only send windows to visible workspaces"

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