[xmonad] odd interaction between xmonad and tsclient

David Cabana drcabana at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 14:01:52 EST 2009

I sometimes use tsclient/rdesktop to connect to a Windows box.  I find
that once focus is inside the remote Windows desktop, any xmonad
command depending on the use of the mode key (the Windows key, in my
case) fails.  The key press of the Windows key seems to go to the
remote Windows box rather than to the local X system.  I say this
because pressing the Windows key immediately pops up the Windows start

I happen to run the gnome panel with a workspace switcher, and so can
use it and the mouse to break out of the remote Windows session, but
that seems inelegant.  Has anyone else encountered this problem, or
have a solution for it?

Thank you,

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