[xmonad] Changing focus with alt-tab as in Windows

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 12:44:38 EST 2009

Excerpts from Alex Samokhvalov's message of Mon Jan 05 14:47:43 -0700 2009:
> >> is it possible to configure xmonad, to move the focus with alt-tab exactly 
> >> as in Windows? As far as I could understand, only keyPress events are 
> >> dispatched. But it seems keyUp events are required for this. Or maybe there 
> >> are much more simpler solutions?
> After the alt button has been pressed down, pressing tab switches the 
> focus to the first previously focused window. The second tab press 
> selects the second previously focused window. And so on until the alt 
> button is released.

The new Actions.CycleWindows provides this, along with a few other useful
bindings for this sort of workflow. It is in darcs, or you can copy the
functions cycleRecentWindows, cycleStacks', and shiftToFocus' into your
xmonad.hs, import Actions.RotSlaves, and XMonad.StackSet as W, and set
up as in comments.



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