[xmonad] Real Tabbing?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Feb 11 12:36:52 EST 2009

> Hy,
> is there any chance we might get real tabbing support in xmonad?
> Ill try to explain what I mean by that:
> I often use the "Tall" Layout. It would be nice If I could take any frame and
> apply a tabbed layout on it so that I can open several windows within that frame
> and get some tabs. Currently I cant get this behaviour because I have to select
> the frames where I want tabbing uppon compiletime and there is no keybinding for
> switching the tabs.
> So what I'm searching for is:
> 1. A Keystroke which makes the current frame tabbed
> 2. A possibility to shift a window into a frame (so it gets another tab) and out
> again.
> 3. The current Keybindings like Mod+{j,k} stay the same, they dont switch tabs.
> 4. New Keybindings for moving to the next tab in the current frame.
> Is it possible at all? I'm not into the xmonad sourcecode but perhaps the
> stack-set datastructure is not the right choice for this features. Perhaps some
> developers can tell about this.
> This is the only feature which im missing and which could make me go to ion3
> because everytime I see a ion3 I love this feature.

I think with care and patience it is doable.

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