[xmonad] 'sink' on dmenu

Robert Manea rob.manea at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 9 20:11:45 EST 2009

Maurício wrote:

 > Hi,

Hey Maurício.

 > I'm using this as my manage hook:
 > mH = ( ask >>= doF . sink )
 > I don't understand much about X and xmonad. I
 > read 'sink' clears the float flag from a
 > window. However, some windows (like the one
 > from 'dmenu') still do not appear as other
 > windows managed by my layout.
 > Of course, this is the way it should be. But
 > I would like that all (even 'dlmenu') windows
 > be managed by the layout manager.

The reason for this is dmenu signaling that it doesn't
want to be managed (redirected) by the window manager.

Xmonad (and probably all other WMs) respects this flag
and will not touch these windows, in fact Xmonad completly
ingnores them.

 > Is there, maybe, some other flag I should
 > clear or set?

The flag is called "override redirect" and is set by
the application.

You've got 2 options here.

Either modify the respective application so it doesn't set
that flag anymore or xmonad to not ignore the windows
setting it.

_I wouldn't recommend either._
Applications set the override redirect flag for a reason!

In case of dmenu you will most certainly experience strange
drawing and updating issues for the simple reason that dmenu
is not designed to handle changing window sizes at runtime.

 > Thanks,
 > Maurício

HTH, Rob.

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