[xmonad] Adding handleEventHook to darcs man/xmonad.hs

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 21:18:15 EST 2009

Before sending a patch to the ./xmonad/man/xmonad.hs sample file, I
wanted to get some feedback. My understanding of the event hook is not
great. ;-) Please suggest improvements and correct innacuracies.

I'll also update config archive on wiki.

* Add handleEvenHook comment, myEventHook and use in defaultConfig:

+-- Event handling:
hunk ./man/xmonad.hs 226
+-- * EwmhDesktops users should change this to ewmhDesktopsEventHook
+-- Defines a custom handler function for X Events. The function should
+-- return True if the default handler is to be run afterwards. To
+-- combine Event Hooks use mappend or mconcat from Data.Monoid.
+myEventHook = handleEventHook

hunk ./man/xmonad.hs 287
+        handleEventHook    = myEventHook,


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