[xmonad] New User Impressions

Khudyakov Alexey alexey.skladnoy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 12:56:44 EST 2009

On Friday 06 February 2009 21:51:08 Spencer Janssen wrote:
> Perhaps we can use X11's stringToKeysym instead:
>     ghci> xF86XK_AudioPause
>     269025073
>     ghci> keysymToString xF86XK_AudioPause
>     "XF86AudioPause"
>     ghci> stringToKeysym "XF86AudioPause"
>     269025073

Yes this does the job. Thank you for hint. Here is updated patch. Now if 
keysym is not available it's omitted. Checks are done in runtime. 
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