[xmonad] listing all windows?

Matthias Kühlke mad at unserver.de
Sat Feb 7 00:00:21 EST 2009


On Sat, Feb 07, 2009 at 12:53:19PM +0800, Chengqi(Lars) Song wrote:
> how can we list the name of all windows in all workspaces? sometimes i want to locate a window but its frustrating to check every workspace one by one.

There are two possibilities on the top of my mind:
XMonad.Actions.GridSelect, which IIRC is only available in the darcs version (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) and gives a colored grid of windows, where you can select one.

XMonad.Prompt.Window has some prompts (with autocompletion) to go to a window or bring it here, based on the window's title.

Matthias, aka. Entroacceptor in #xmonad

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