[xmonad] Re: Issue 312 in xmonad: [improvement] MosaicAlt: change tall/wide

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Mon Dec 21 18:14:40 EST 2009

Comment #4 on issue 312 by OrbisVicis: [improvement] MosaicAlt: change  

My thoughts:

First off, I want to mention that this patch is pretty much exactly the  
enhancement I
was looking for in MosaicAlt. Furthermore, aside from the multiple-keypress  
MosaicAlt behaves exactly as originally.

I find that it is much more productive to have layout modifications take  
effect right
away, rather than the delayed-buffer/multiple-keypress behavior of the  
previous version.

As aavogt pointed out, both variations are rather unpredictable in their  
placement of
windows, so whether a window is moved sooner or later makes little  

The new configuration parameters ([Rectangle] and [W.Stack window]) are  
confusing as
they do not modify the behavior of MosaicAlt, at least not in any  
noticeable way.

Definitely more cpu intensive. Furthermore, doesn't optimize cases when a  
window is
as tall/wide as it can become. In such cases, repeated input/resizing  
causes cpu to
skyrise, and xmonad to lock-up, whereas the original variant simply took  
processing power by keeping the X server awake.

On the other hand, the original MosaicAlt variant would continue modifying  
the layout
though the window could not increase width/height, making even more  
necessary to shrink the window.

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