[xmonad] "minimize" + "boringAuto" in Full-layout: focusUp and focusDown don't change focus

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 12:13:00 EST 2009

* On Sunday, December 20 2009, Jan Vornberger wrote:

>I will write up a patch some time soon for that. In the meantime you -
>Ralph - will need to use one of the workarounds Adam mentioned. To use
>XMonad.Layout.Simplest instead of Full seems like a good workaround, if
>it indeed stops boringAuto from marking non-visible but also non-minimized
>windows as boring. Unfortunately, in my tests I still can't change the
>focus to them (?).

Hello Jan,

Which order did you compose boringAuto and minimize? I just tried it,
and the only order that works is:

> layoutHook = boringAuto $ minimize Simplest -- though I really used onWorkspace too, this is the same thing.

This makes sense, since boringAuto needs to be able to see which windows are
removed by minimize.

I'm not sure that it is necessary to code anything as a workaround. You
could use the feature in BoringWindows which accepts messages to mark
specific windows as boring.


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