[xmonad] Issue 354 in xmonad: Emacs doesn't runOrRaise

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Sun Dec 20 08:35:35 EST 2009

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New issue 354 by Artagnon: Emacs doesn't runOrRaise

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Write in some runOrRaise lines into xmonad.hs for various applications.
Write in the following line for Emacs:
, ((modm, xK_e), runOrRaise "emacs" (className =? "Emacs"))
2. Make sure Emacs server is running
3. Attempt to run or raise Emacs

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I expect Emacs to run or raise. Instead, nothing happens. All other
applications in the list work fine. run-or-raise in StumpWM works just fine
with classname Emacs.

(defun run-or-raise (cmd props &optional (all-groups
*run-or-raise-all-groups*) (all-screens *run-or-raise-all-screens*))
   "Run the shell command, @var{cmd}, unless an existing window
matches @var{props}. @var{props} is a property list with the following keys:

@table @code
@item :class
Match the window's class.
@item :instance
Match the window's instance or resource-name.
@item :role
Match the window's @code{WM_WINDOW_ROLE}.
@item :title
Match the window's title.
@end table

By default, the global @var{*run-or-raise-all-groups*} decides whether
to search all groups or the current one for a running
instance. @var{all-groups} overrides this default. Similarily for
@var{*run-or-raise-all-screens*} and @var{all-screens}."
       ;; Raise the window win and select its frame.  For now, it
       ;; does not select the screen.
       ((goto-win (win)
          (let* ((group (window-group win))
                 (frame (window-frame win))
                 (old-frame (tile-group-current-frame group)))
            (frame-raise-window group frame win)
            (focus-all win)
            (unless (eq frame old-frame)
              (show-frame-indicator group)))))
     (let* ((matches (find-matching-windows props all-groups all-screens))
            ;; other-matches is list of matches "after" the current
            ;; win, if current win matches. getting 2nd element means
            ;; skipping over the current win, to cycle through matches
            (other-matches (member (current-window) matches))
            (win (if (> (length other-matches) 1)
                     (second other-matches)
                     (first matches))))
       (if win
           (goto-win win)
           (run-shell-command cmd)))))

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
Darcs head 0.9.1 on Debian Squeeze GNU/Linux.

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