[xmonad] Re: Issue 339 in xmonad: Support for toggling totem movie player fullscreen

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Thu Dec 17 13:43:37 EST 2009

	Status: Patch

Comment #7 on issue 339 by wirtwo... at gmail.com: Support for toggling totem  
movie player fullscreen

Indeed on upgrading evince it toggles to and from
tiled/fullscreen properly with this event hook. Must have been
something messed up with my evince or gnome/dbus that caused it
not to work earlier. ooimpress fullscreen continues to be
problematic under a variety of xmonad.hs configs.

With adobe-flash- 64-bit splash messages such as
"Press esc to leave fullscreen" never time out and fade using
this hook, whereas with isFullscreen or alexey fullscreen query
and manageHook they do.

My xlib knowledge is not enough to know if any other behaviour
should be added to the eventHook window handling to help with
those issues, but I'll consider them flash and openoffice
problems at this point.

Any thoughts as to whether this patch should go into contrib
as-is vs. wait for some revisions first?

My feeling is that it is a good base to work from and adds much-
desired functionality for users of gtk_window_fullscreen apps, so
is worth adding even without revision. Also that it will be more
accessible for xlib hackers to improve being included with
contrib rather than being only a patch on tracker/ML/darcswatch.

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