[xmonad] Re: Issue 352 in xmonad: Fail to build with darcs X11 binding

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Tue Dec 15 16:48:02 EST 2009

Comment #8 on issue 352 by vogt.adam: Fail to build with darcs X11 binding

That's because the hsc2hs shipped with 6.12 doesn't like non-ascii  
characters in
comments for some reason. One of the patches in X11 does fix this, so you'd  
have to
pull all patches except the one that breaks xmonad compatibility.

So as-is, our ghc-6.12 compatibility is broken. What's our timeline for  
fixing this,
either by:
   - pushing the patch substituting 0 for '\NULL' in xmonad
   - bump X11 version without a release, and then do some conditional  
compilation to
support both X11 versions
   - release X11, and don't bother with supporting more than one X11 library  

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