[xmonad] Re: Issue 339 in xmonad: Support for toggling totem movie player fullscreen

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Sun Dec 13 21:19:17 EST 2009

	Summary: Support for toggling totem movie player fullscreen
	Status: Accepted
	Labels: -Priority-Low Priority-Medium

Comment #5 on issue 339 by wirtwo... at gmail.com: Support for toggling totem  
movie player fullscreen

Nice work audunskaugen. Thanks for researching this and
providing the _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN event hook
(totemFullscreen.hs sample xmonad.hs).

IMO, this will be good to get into contrib soon to make it
available for more usage, testing and further development.

There are some aspects to improve so if anyone wants to take
on ownership and submit a patch addressing them that would be

Otherwise if no action in a week or so I'll send a patch to
add it to EwmhDesktops as is, initially as a standalone
'fullscreenEventHook'.  Eventually, though, I think it would
be good to include an improved version in the standard
ewmhDesktopsEventHook, plus having it available by itself.

(sjanssen feedback on IRC when asked for thoughts as to
where to put this: "enabling the full screen event hook in
EWMH would be fine, and would probably make sense.")

As is it gives more function for totem users and surely
some other similar apps too than the current (0.9) situation,
but also with some additional work it seems like it can
cover uses of the doFullFloat manageHooks with isFullscreen
and the fullscreen query alexey attached to

It seems it covers tiled to fullscreen and back usage plus
allowing multihead users to focus other screens without
affecting fullscreened apps. In my quick tests it works
for totem, flash, mplayer, mplayer-plugin, gnome-mplayer
plugin. (This is with all fullscreen manageHooks disabled.)
It doesn't seem to help with ooimpress unfortunately, nor

Areas to address:

* Toggling seems less smooth than it should be. In my tests it
appears that the window untiles, goes to hinted float size,
then finally fullscreen although it's hard to tell as it's
very rapid. There is some glitch anyway that I didn't research
yet as to cause. Also other tiled windows from the same workspace
look briefly as if they are composited with the fullscreen app
since they change size to fill the space as the fullscreen app
floats. Not sure how much improvement can practically be made
here, but hopefully can something close to the nice mapping with
fullscreen manageHook.

* Whether a window starts out tiled or floating, once toggled
fullscreen and back it restores to tiled state. My reading of
wm-spec and probably most users expectations is that floats
return to float instead.  I don't think PositionStore would be
needed for this but didn't look into it yet either.

audunskaugen, thanks again. If you'd like please send a darcs
patch to X.Hooks.EwmhDesktops, or if you want to be credited
by some other name you are welcome to email me privately with
your preference and I'll include in any patch I prepare.

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