[xmonad] Small announce about the completion of the bluetile merge

Spencer Janssen spencerjanssen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 22:49:19 EST 2009

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 07:18:44PM -0500, Adam Vogt wrote:
> * On Monday, December 07 2009, Spencer Janssen wrote:
> >In the past we've saved all new features for major releases, with these
> >releases fairly far apart.  The next major release of xmonad is 1.0, which
> >is potentially months away considering some of the things we have in mind.
> >My hunch is that you'd rather not wait so long.
> >
> >What I propose that we break with precedent a bit and make a 0.9.1 minor
> >release with new features.  For a while we've talked about making contrib
> >releases independent of core, now seems like a good time to start.
> You intend to release contrib with all the changes requiring the
> addition of ExtensionClass to core stripped out? That's going to be
> quite a bit of useless work, cosidering how widespread the use of
> XMonad.Util.ExtensibleState in contrib is:
>     - 8 modules directly import ExtensibleState
>     - 3 indirectly through XMonad.Util.PositionStore
> Of course, you could temporiarily implement ExtensibleState (missing
> serialization) using unsafePerformIO and an IORefs, to be compatible
> with the 0.9 core, but we've already discussed how unpleasant that
> solution is.
> --
> Adam

Actually, I think the bluetile patches need ExtensibleState as well, so we'd
need to make a release of core as well.

I think that's the only feature related patch in or pending for core at the

Spencer Janssen

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