[xmonad] [patch] X.A.OnScreen

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 21:30:13 EST 2009

* On Monday, December 07 2009, Nils wrote:

>I wrote a patch for my X.A.OnScreen module. onScreen will now take any
>function that modifies the stack and run it on a given screen. Therefor
>this is far more general than the previous version and should work
>correctly for basicly everything.
>As a result, greedyViewOnScreen is now working correctly and two new
>functions "toggle(Greedy)OnScreen" have been added since I love that
>one. :) Sadly I had to reimplement the toggleOrView function since the
>X.A.CycleWS runs inside the X monad (although there is absolutly *no*
>resaon at all for this...) and I'm too lazy to write a patch for that.
>The "end user" functions like viewOnScreen etc. didn't change in their
>use, of course.



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