[xmonad] More decoration

Jan Vornberger Jan.Vornberger at Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE
Sun Dec 6 10:36:06 EST 2009


A quick information e-mail: I just pushed (Spencer gave me access to
xmonad contrib, thx!) some patches containing Bluetile's decoration.
These are:

  Sun Nov 29 01:24:16 CET 2009  Jan Vornberger <jan.vornberger at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
    * A decoration with small buttons and a supporting module

The decoration that is used for the floating/stacking layout with little
'buttons' to minimize, maximize and close the window.

  Sun Nov 29 01:34:31 CET 2009  Jan Vornberger <jan.vornberger at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
    * Decoration that allows to switch the position of windows by dragging them onto each other.

A decoration that is used in all the tiled layouts. Patch description
pretty much says it. This should work fairly well in combination with
all sorts of layouts.

  Sun Nov 29 01:45:06 CET 2009  Jan Vornberger <jan.vornberger at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
    * Module to ensure that a dragged window always stays in front of all other windows

In my branch I modified the core for this, but I figured out a way to do
it as a contrib module: In a dual-head setup you can drag windows from
one screen to another, but the stacking order might be such, that the
dragged window disappears behind the windows on the other screen. This
workaround makes sure that the dragged window is always in front of
everything else.

With these three patches my process of porting Bluetile from my branch
over to xmond mainline is actually complete! I can now build Bluetile
from xmonad mainline alone - yay! :-)



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