[xmonad] Re: XMonad.StackSet doesn't have focusLast

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 17:10:07 EST 2009

* On Tuesday, December 01 2009, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

>I don't know the process, but would like to voice my support for this
>function in particular.  Switching focus to the last window is very nice
>and I'm used to it.  Right now I have to limit myself to 2 windows per
>screen so that moving forward can act like focusLast.

Another option is to bind a key to run this:

> focusLast :: X ()
> focusLast = windows $ W.focusUp . W.focusMaster

Which is the same as what your focusLast would be, or the same as
pressing "M-m" then "M-k" (though with less synchronizing of state with

So there is a way to get your behavior without all the trouble I
suggested earlier.


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