[xmonad] FR: runOrToggleVisibility

Russell Adams RLAdams at AdamsInfoServ.Com
Mon Apr 27 01:39:54 EDT 2009

A useful extension to the existing runOrRaise function would be the
ability to runOrToggleVisibility, to allow fast launch and swapping of
background windows you don't want visible constantly (ie: pidgin,
amarok, network clients, etc).

Pseudo-code in xmonad.hs bound to a key:

  runOrToggleVisibility "pidgin" (className =? "pidgin")


   - if "pidgin" isn't running, launch it (on current workspace?)
   - if "pidgin" is running
     - if "pidgin" is hidden, reveal it (floating?)
     - if "pidgin" is visible, hide it

A single keypress (ie: C-A-g) could be used to launch and toggle an
application in this manner.

Given the example of pidgin, imagine having new conversations popup
normally and be tiled, but the "Buddy List" not be visible until you
call it up via one key on the current workspace, and use the same key
to hide it again.

Feedback welcome.


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