Sv: [xmonad] notify-send not showing any box when run

Carsten Gehling carsten.gehling at
Thu Apr 23 05:25:41 EDT 2009

2009/4/21, Daniel Schoepe <asgaroth_ at>:
> Carsten Gehling wrote:

>> But after switching to xmonad, I have not been able to get anything
>> shown with "notify-send". Can anyone help me? Should I change
>> something in my xmonad config or am I to use another command instead
>> of "notify-send"?

> You need to start this gnome notification daemon which is not running
> when gnome isn't started, but is needed for actually displaying the
> notify-send messages. There are also more light-weight alternatives to
> that like the xfce notification daemon.

A strange thing happened... My Ubuntu was suddenly able to update a
large bunch of packages (I've been experimenting with 9.04 beta, and
it now went to 9.04 RC). With this package came a new version of gnome
notifier. And now it works.

Sorry about posting, that I was running 8.10, when I - in fact - was
running 9.04 beta... :-) But thanks anyway.

- Carsten

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