[xmonad] notify-send not showing any box when run

Carsten Gehling carsten.gehling at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 04:37:10 EDT 2009

I am running with xmonad 0.8-1 on Ubuntu 8.10, integrating with the Gnome module

My configuration is quite simple http://pastie.org/453213 - I haven't
really grasped the Haskell syntax yet, so the configuration above has
been "learning by example".

I have one annoying problem: When running Ruby autotests, the
test-program always ends its test-run with a message in the corner of
my screen - this is done, using Gnome's "notify-send" command.

But after switching to xmonad, I have not been able to get anything
shown with "notify-send". Can anyone help me? Should I change
something in my xmonad config or am I to use another command instead
of "notify-send"?

Kind regards,


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