[xmonad] Issue 182 in xmonad: Key bindings should be showable

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Sun Apr 12 04:05:12 EDT 2009

Comment #1 on issue 182 by vogt.adam: Key bindings should be showable

As a wrapper around the XConfig, the attached contrib patch offers some of  
features requested here. The results are readable, but not too pretty with
xmessage (ex.  no alignment of columns, no cheatsheet drawn like

As an addition to the core, I'm not sure which way is best for preserving  
	1. Change XConfig to have
	     keys :: NamedAction a => XConfig Layout -> Map (ButtonMask, KeySym) a
	   and then keep the old defaultConfig, but have a new
	   defaultNamedKeyConfig that uses a different representation that keeps
	   the descriptions (and possibly ordering and sectioning, since that is
	   lost in the Map). Results in more puzzling type errors if ex (1+1) is
	   the only action that is bound.
	2. Add yet another record field to XConfig that contains actions with the
	   new style.
	3. Show just the builtin keybindings already done, except for the
	   keybindings for it

	namedactions.dpatch  49.1 KB

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