[xmonad] darcs patch: Module for automatic placement of floating windows

Quentin Moser quentin.moser at unifr.ch
Thu Apr 9 05:42:44 EDT 2009

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009 10:21:36 +0200
Quentin Moser <quentin.moser at unifr.ch> wrote:

> After months of getting all my floating windows spawned in the
> top-left corner and moving them by hand I finally broke down and
> wrote a floating window module.
> This module provides both a ManageHook and an X action to manually
> trigger repositioning of the focused window, supports both
> WindowArranger and "real" floating windows, and implements the usual
> placement policies (smart, fixed position, under the mouse).
> I haven't tested it extensively yet but everything I've tried to do
> with it worked as intended. At any rate, comments are welcome if you
> think there's something wrong with it.
> Hope someone finds this useful!

Sorry, seems I'd forgotten to actually attach the patch... Well, here it

Also, I've reached a stumbling block when trying to improve my
placeHook function. It currently acts on the WindowSet obtained by 'gets
windowset', and simply returns 'Endo id'. The reason for this is
obvious: It needs to do stateful stuff (namely get and set window
positions at the X11 level), and there's no way I can fit that in a
function (f :: WindowSet -> WindowSet).

Because of this, placeHook can exhibit some weird behavior when
combined with other hooks. For example, smart placement will always
place a new window according to the positions of the windows in the
current workspace, even if it has been transfered to another workspace
by doShift.

I can currently see two ways of solving this:

  - Use some unsafePerformIO ugliness in placeHook. This is bad for
    obvious reasons, but should still be possible.

  - Define a more ad-hoc Monoid instance specific to (Query (Endo
    WindowSet)) that interleaves the execution of the monadic parts and
    Endo parts. Something like this (haven't tested it):

> instance Monoid (Query (Endo WindowSet)) where
>   mempty = return $ Endo id
>   mappend m1 m2 
>     = do ws <- Query $ lift $ gets windowset
>          ws' <- m1 >>= ($ ws) . appEndo
>          ws'' <- m2 >>= ($ ws') . appEndo
>          Query $ lift $ modify $ \s -> s {windowset = ws''} 
>          return $ Endo $ const ws''

    Actually, I think the Endo idea in itself is too restrictive an
    interface, and ManageHook should rather be aliased to something
    like (WindowSet -> Query WindowSet), but this would obviously break
    way too much code. Thus the instance above, which provides the same
    kind of flexibility in a backward-compatible way.
    The main disadvantage of this second approach is that it requires a
    modifying the xmonad core, and, moreover, in a fairly ugly way
    (the general Monoid Query instance is much more elegant). I feel
    the current ManageHook interface is unnecessarily restrictive and
    such a modification would be justified, but this is definitely open
    to discussion.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Should I submit a patch to XMonad.Core? Did I miss
an overall better solution?

Let me reiterate that my placement patch already works without problem
except for a few special situations. I am only starting this discussion
because I think the problem it addresses will also appear on other
occasions in the future.

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