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Jesper Jacobsson jesperjacobsson at yahoo.se
Sun Apr 5 13:24:39 EDT 2009

Best xmonad developers and users,

I want a function in xmonad and I wonder if someone can implement it or if there is no interest, if developers can give me some pointers on how I can implement it myself for my personal usage. All info and input is appreciated.

First I need to explain that I personally need a space/padding between the windowcontent to easily distinguish between windowareas and be able to focus on the window I work on. I have solved this atm by using a large black windowborder, maybe 25-50px around each window. This does indeed give me a black spacing between each contentwindow. This method works to solve one part of my problem and question.

Now, think of an html table. A readable table has padding/space between the content within a call and the cellborder. The cell/table border has a valid function however to structure contents and make it easy for the eyes to wander to through the cells. I think this principle applies to xmonad aswell. Right now we have the table but no padding/spacing options.

So I also would want to be able to get both spacing and border, and for this, the method of using the border for spacing doesnt solve it.

Either I have to get a real padding/spacing option between windowborder and contents, OR, (if it is easier that is up to developers to explain to me), a second border around the normal windowborder could also accomplish the same. That is a black (or whatever) 25-50px border around the contentwindow for "spacing/padding", and a 1-3px border in another color around that border to form the "table border".

Can someone either implement this or give me enough instructions so I can hack on it myself?

I am not on the emaillist but will try to remember to check it now inthe future for replies to this question. Direct emails to my emailadress is best way to get reply to me, and I am also on freenode IRC as "jesperj". Feel free to PM me about it.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Jesper Jacobsson / jesperj

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