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Konstantin Sobolev konstantin.sobolev at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 17:00:36 EDT 2009


Could somebody review my attempt to write a layout and tell if it's
worth including in contrib?

Inventively named ComboP, it mostly acts as CombineTwo, but also takes
a predicate which controls new windows placement.
For instance

withIM (1%7) (ClassName "Tkabber") Grid

is roughly imitated by

combineTwoP (TwoPane 0.1 (1/7)) (Tall 0 0.1 (1/2)) Grid (ClassName "Tkabber")

Also, a few notes/questions from an XMonad newcomer:

- I see a lot of flickering when switching workspaces or tabs in
Tabbed. Looks like root image is shown first,
and then windows paint on top of it. It's very noticeable, especially
when some windows are slow to redraw.

- ResizableTile doesn't work correctly when placed into some
combinator which feeds only a subset of windows
to it(?). For instance try this:

windowNavigation $ combineTwo (dragPane Vertical 0.1 (1/2)) t t
    where t= ResizableTall 0 (1/100) (1/2) []

put 4 windows into resulting 2*2 grid and try to send Shring/Expand
events to it. Results are unpredictable.

- dragPane doesn't work when reflected

The idea of layout combinators looks nice, but overall impression is
that different combinations haven't
been tested thoroughly.

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