[xmonad] Re: Problem running Xmonad

Arnaud Bailly abailly at oqube.com
Mon Sep 22 08:57:56 EDT 2008

Fred Blasdel <blasdelf at ...> writes:

> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 10:52 PM, Arnaud Bailly <abailly at ...> wrote:
> >
> >  - I do not have extra workspaces: mod + 1 ..9 does not work
> What config are you using? That's where magic like that is bound.

Here is my .xmonad/xmonad.hs:

import XMonad
import XMonad.Config.Gnome
import XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog
import XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks
import XMonad.Util.Run(spawnPipe)
import XMonad.Util.EZConfig(additionalKeys)
import System.IO
main = xmonad gnomeConfig {
         manageHook = manageDocks <+> manageHook defaultConfig
         ,layoutHook = avoidStruts  $  layoutHook defaultConfig
         ,modMask  = mod4Mask 

Actually, I removed .gnome2/session file and added WINDOW_MANAGER variable to
.gnomerc and now have gnome + xmonad running.

I still do not have workspace switching, but power management is OK.

Thanks a lot for your answers. I shall continue my exploration of xmonad..


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