[xmonad] Issue 221 in xmonad: Grabbing/releasing grab makes mouse inactive

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Sat Sep 20 05:30:04 EDT 2008

Issue 221: Grabbing/releasing grab makes mouse inactive

Comment #2 by bardur.arantsson:
I've just tested with KVM myself, and everything seems to work fine there,  
so there
is probably something peculiar about how VirtualBox does the grab/release.

As mentioned the issue doesn't seem to appear in KDE/kwin, so I suspect  
there is
still something wrong with the focus handling in xmonad (rather than  
VirtualBox being
broken). I'll try to do a bit further testing in KDE/kwin (some of the  
installed X11
stuff has changed since my last test) and see what I come up with.

Meanwhile, is there any kind of X11 event sniffing or anything like that I  
can do to
help debug this?

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