[xmonad] Screencasts wanted!

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Sep 14 20:03:10 EDT 2008

> On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 02:57:28PM -0700, Don Stewart wrote:
> > ** We want some screencasts **
> Yes!
> If you want to help the screencast campaign but don't feel like making a
> screencast, I think a tool to display keypresses would be cool. (Like,
> in the bottom right -- when you hold down alt, a little "Alt-" box
> appears. When you press and release Alt-J, it have to hang there for a
> half-second, of course.) Just a thought (that I'm too lazy to act on, at
> the moment).
> Or perhaps this already exists?

Here's an initial screencast, using xvidcap.


The quality isn't so great. Any suggestions on how to get hi res?

I also tried istanbul, but the result was very jumpy and broken.

-- Don

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