[xmonad] Screencasts wanted!

Jeremy Apthorp nornagon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:59:37 EDT 2008

2008/9/15 Don Stewart <dons at galois.com>:
> Hey guys,
> As you see, Devin added a videos section to the new website.
> ** We want some screencasts **
> So if you want to record 1 .. 5 minutes of xmonad use, walking through
> your favorite workflows, and stick it on youtube (where you can add
> backing music), please do so! Let us know, and we'll add it to the
> website.
> Videos showing how xmonad makes you more productive will be very very
> compelling, to the unitiated. Show us how xmonad makes you into a rock star!

Does anyone know of a good screencasting application? import in a for
loop doesn't quite cut it :P


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