[xmonad] Issue 212 in xmonad: xmonad and xkb features

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Thu Sep 11 08:44:07 EDT 2008

Issue 212: xmonad and xkb features

Comment #2 by mauricio.antunes:
Yes. I used a computer without a mouse for almost two months. At that time  
I tried a
lot to use xmonad, but always had to go back to metacity (or maybe compiz.  
I'm not
sure since I never activated desktop effects, but maybe compiz was already  
There, I never had that problem. I can say that for those months I used  
both xmonad
and gnome default window manager half of the time each.

However, I also would guess that this is not an xmonad bug, but some small  
problem that xmonad do not address, while other window managers do.

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