[xmonad] darcs patch: hide the implementation type in "EwmhDes... (and 1 more)

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Mon Sep 8 17:58:56 EDT 2008


Am Montag, den 08.09.2008, 09:55 -0700 schrieb Devin Mullins:
> I don't have time to apply patches right now, but:
> On Mon, Sep 08, 2008 at 12:01:35PM +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> >   It could also be wrapped in a newtype, instead of a "type", but that would
> >   require manual instances of the various classes, as ghc can automatically
> >   derive the LayoutClass instance.
> Isn't this what GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving does?

Not with multi-parameter typeclasses, if I remember correctly.
Otherwise, that would be perfect.

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