[xmonad] Issue 205 in xmonad: I would like wiggling mouse to select window its over.

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Sun Sep 7 09:37:17 EDT 2008

Issue 205: I would like wiggling mouse to select window its over.

Comment #3 by brian.brunswick:
Yes. The habit and expectation that has built up with focus-follows-mouse  
is that as
soon as the mouse is visible, that's the focused window. I pay more  
attention to the
mouse pointer than I do to the coloured border. Its actually disconcerting
that this is no longer true immediately after a workspace switch, for  
however long it
is before the mouse crosses a window boundary.

I'm suggesting changing the /cross-a-window-boundary/ test with some  
threshold, which is actually /more/ predictable as user interface behaviour  
finding a window boundary, a variable distance away.

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