[xmonad] Issue 210 in xmonad: xmonad.hs not accepted, xmonad.errors empty

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Thu Sep 4 07:53:00 EDT 2008

Issue 210: xmonad.hs not accepted, xmonad.errors empty

Comment #3 by h.stenstrom:
After some more testing, I think this is a packaging problem, at least  
partly. I
installed the package libghc6-xmonad-dev, and a bunch of dependent  
packages. Now the
desktop was blank after login, with the default Ubuntu color. No window  
which fills
the whole screen. No error logged in .xsession-errors.

On the other hand, I now have new files in ~/.xmonad:
in addition to the files
xmonad.errors (still empty)

My screen blank, and I can't bring up any menus using the mouse buttons. Do  
I have to
write something to a file to have at least some functionality?

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