[xmonad] Issue 213 in xmonad: UrgencyHook fails under stress-testing

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Tue Sep 2 18:52:57 EDT 2008

Issue 213: UrgencyHook fails under stress-testing

New issue report by m... at twifkak.com:
1. Save your work.
2. Write a shell script, stress.sh, with the line: while true; do echo -ne
'\a'; done
3. Run it in an urxvt with urgentOnBell: true.
4. Move over to a ptty (as your X is now hosed), run top, and notice that
xmonad's RES is at several hundred megs, and it's CPU usage is consistently
above 50%.
5. killall -9 stress.sh
6. Notice that xmonad is still a resource hog.
7. Curse your curiosity for bringing your work to a halt.

(I haven't tested this on another WM; perhaps this problem is global.)

I'm looking for suggestions, here. Fixing this completely would require a
change to core, I believe. OTOH, this at least points out a space leak in

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	Status: Accepted
	Owner: m... at twifkak.com
	Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Component-Core Component-Contrib  

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