[xmonad] Issue 232 in xmonad: SetWMName does not seem to be sucessfull

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Wed Oct 29 07:52:07 EDT 2008

Issue 232: SetWMName does not seem to be sucessfull

Comment #4 by byorgey:
Good debugging work!  Starting from here I drilled down through the code  
and found
the culprit-- the gnome config uses the generic desktop config, which uses  
logHook from EwmhDesktops -- and guess what, the EwmhDesktops logHook sets  
the WM
name to "xmonad", overriding whatever you set it to!  duh.

Does anyone know of any good reason why the line 'setWMName "xmonad"'  
should not
simply be removed from the EwmhDesktops logHook?  And if there is a good  
reason it is
there, can anyone think of a better solution?  Of course in theory the  
WM_NAME should
not matter, but in practice it obviously does.

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