[xmonad] xmonad config error

Guy Wire imag1narynumber at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 28 19:20:18 EDT 2008

Okay, it lists the version of xmonad as 0.8-1.  I know I got the xmonad.hs file from somewhere on the xmonad website.  In trying to track down where I found it, I found http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Config_archive/Template_xmonad.hs .  I'm assuming this is where I got it.  However, replacing my old file with this gives me new errors:

xmonad.hs:141:10: Not in scope: 'modifyGap'

xmonad.hs:141.38: Not in scope: 'XMonad.defaultGaps'

xmonad.hs:273:8: Not in scope: 'defaultGaps'

I'm afraid I don't really know what "darcs" is.  I see a xmonad-darcs listed in my repo, so perhaps I'll try that.  Forgive me for being a dummy, but I'm trying to learn.  Thanks for your help!

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