[xmonad] Issue 230 in xmonad: Modular config support

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Sat Oct 25 19:36:31 EDT 2008

Issue 230: Modular config support

Comment #3 by amdragon:
All good points, though the premise, at least in my mind, was not for  
xmonad.hses, but rather because Modularity is Good.  I have lots of little  
things in
my xmonad.hs like custom loggers and prompts, as I imagine many people do,  
for which
it would make sense to isolate the code and dependencies in separate  
Furthermore, encouraging people to modularize such code now would make it  
easy to
move them into xmonad-contrib as they grew and become more generally useful.

However, if this is an unusual way to use xmonad.hs, then I agree that  
providing two
configuration options for the sake of modularity may be overkill (though I  
that asking the user to rename a file at their convenience  
constitutes "major user
intervention").  If there is a more warranted configuration change that  
requires user
intervention anyways (such as the past one from Config.hs to xmonad.hs),  
then please
take this issue into consideration.

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