[xmonad] Issue 230 in xmonad: Modular config support

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Fri Oct 24 17:37:44 EDT 2008

Issue 230: Modular config support

Comment #1 by gwern0:
There's always option 'd', do nothing.

Option a requires a major user intervention; if we were going to do that,  
then I
think we should blow our capital on something more valuable.
Option b harms usability.
Option c may not harm usability, but if it does, it'll really hurt that  
user who runs
into a problem.

Option d is well-understood; there doesn't seem to be a huge need for  
xmonad.hses; and I'm not convinced that one *should* have xmonad.hses which  
are that
enormous. If they are that large, then perhaps one should be looking into
contributing modules or functions or features upstream, seeing whether  
there are
better ways to accomplish things, or just generally rethinking the  

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