[xmonad] Fwd: Graphics.X11.Types bug report.

Tim hobbs tim.thelion at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 20:46:34 EDT 2008

Hm, I hoped to report a bug to the maintainer of Graphics.X11.Types, but the
provided maintainer e-mail bounced.  What now?


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Subject: Graphics.X11.Types

I believe that the values for xK_KP_0 to xK_KP_9 are wrong in


I tried using these values to map workspaces in xmonad, and they had no
when pressing the keypad number keys.  The F keys work perfectly in the
same piece of code.

I believe that there is something seriously wrong with this library's
architecture.  I am attempting to make a work around for a bug in xmonad
in which, when one does "setxkbmap cz", the number keys stop responding
in xmonad.  The layout cz replaces the numbers with symbols, however,
shift+number sends the numeric keysym.

Thank you,

Timothy Hobbs

tim.thelion at gmail.com
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