[xmonad] Floating-layer oddity when raising

Mike Lundy mike at fluffypenguin.org
Wed Nov 26 20:10:13 EST 2008

I'm seeing a oddity with floating windows and WindowGo.raise. When I
focus a floating window and trigger a cross-workspace raise operation, I
get a weird flipping behavior where it switches between the workspace I
was on and the workspace I was switching to in an infinite loop.

It doesn't happen every time with every floating window- there's some
factor there I'm not seeing. If I float an xterm and try to reproduce
it, it only happens sometimes (it's bursty, though, and I'm not sure
what causes it to happen). gwern at freenode said he reproduced it with
mnemosyne, and we both reproduced it with twitux (a twitter client).

For me, I can trigger it with twitux 100% of the time. Procedure:
1) Launch twitux
2) Connect (you need a twitter account, unfortunately)
3) Hit Ctrl-N to pop up the "new message" dialog
4) Click into the new message text box in the float (without this, it
   doesn't break for me)
5) Trigger a cross-workspace raise. Boom. (The easiest way I've found to
   break the loop once it happens is to to a manual workspace move)

Let me know if I can help further.

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