[xmonad] Re: Default settings: Prompt.hs's defaultXPConfig

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Mon Nov 17 16:40:25 EST 2008

"Gwern Branwen" <gwern0 at gmail.com> writes:

> I don't suppose we could compromise at 12? (I'll note that in my
> xmonad.hs archive, only Oxymoron sets a font 10 and below; I don't
> have one for you I guess.)

12 seems reasonable. (I didn't put my config on the wiki, because it's
in dire need of a cleanup, which I haven't gotten around to doing)

> I'm a little confused here. I take it you don't like green-on-black,
> but you do like the current grey-on-grey? (With a weak vote for
> white-on-black.)

Sorry, I wasn't very clear here. I like the current one, but agree that
white-on-black might appeal to a wider audience. I've never liked green
on black personally, and I don't particularly think that its retro
appeal makes up for its useability.

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