[xmonad] Re: Default settings: Prompt.hs's defaultXPConfig

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Thu Nov 13 08:22:22 EST 2008


mail at justinbogner.com wrote (13 Nov 2008 04:21:07 GMT) :
> "Gwern Branwen" <gwern0 at gmail.com> writes:
>> 2) The color scheme is currently a sort of white-on-grey. It lacks
>> contrast, IMO. Here I have 2 suggestions:
>> 2.1) The current color values are pretty opaque. Unless you have
>> color-values memorized, ', bgColor           = "#333333"' is
>> absolutely meaningless to you. Intrigeri's xmonad.hs has a XPConfig
>> which looks like:
>>      fgColor     = "grey80"
>>     , bgColor     = "grey22"
>>     , borderColor = "grey22"
>> The prompt appears much the same, but the values are far more
>> comprehensible. Even if we don't change the color scheme, this would
>> constitute a code cleanup IMO.
>> 2.2) I would like to switch to either green text on black (which gets
>> us bonus hacker points :) and better contrast), or white text on black
>> - as opposed to white text on gray. Thoughts on either color scheme?
>> (Green-on-black would be , bgColor     = "black"\n, fgColor     =
>> "green" obviously.)

> I happen to like these colors (they're surprisingly close to the ones I
> use for xterms, where I like a low contrast white on black), though I
> think simply having white on black is probably a saner default.

I generally feel white-on-black is too aggressive to the eye, and
green-on-black is even worse. Just a matter of feelings anyway, I have
no rational-looking paper to back up this. As Gwern said, I'm already
overriding this setting anyway, so I don't really care.

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